Constancy Press, LLC, is a publishing endeavor targeted toward short-run books that contribute “big ideas” to the marketplace. It focuses on direct sales to defined markets mainly via online marketing. Its books are promoted largely through social marketing outlets, not the traditional wholesale/retail outlets such as large-scale wholesale book distributors or chain bookstores.

We welcome all kinds of communications with the public at large and with our customers in particular. If you have any special requests, questions about your order or the company, or suggestions for future publications, please drop us a line! For quickest results, please contact us by email at csidles@constancypress.com.

Constancy Press, LLC
4532 48th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105

If you have a book idea that you believe fits our business model, please send a proposal to our publishing agent Constance Sidles at csidles@constancypress.com. Think about whether your book proposal has a defined, online market and if potential readers can be reached through email lists or other social networks.

We suggest that your book proposal include the following:

  1. Description of the book, including what will be in it, who it will serve, how big it will be (dimensions and page count, roughly), amount of color you have in mind, and about how many copies you think should be printed.
  2. Table of Contents (this forces an author to get your thinking organized at a detailed level – helpful for planning a writing schedule, as well as informing potential publishers about the scope of the book).
  3. Sample chapter.
  4. Description of the illustrations (photos, drawings, maps, etc.) plus who would provide them.
  5. Author’s bio, showing why you’re the best one to write the book.
  6. Market study. This is essentially an exploration of the competition that’s out there in the market already, if any (i.e., other similar books that are already being sold). It can also be a description of why you think a book like this would sell the number of copies you think it would.  Potential market size is a good number to include here, with arguments about why your guess is a good one.
  7. Description of what you would be willing to do to help produce and promote the book. Many authors nowadays are offering to learn the software  programs that allow them to lay out the book. Not everyone wants to do this, of course! For some books, it’s not necessary. But it always helps. Also in this part of the proposal should go your commitment to help sell the book. This would include book signings, direct sales to outlets that you have access to (but that others may not), classes that you might teach using this book, etc.
  8. Schedule. When would the book be completed? When would you expect it to be printed?
  9. Royalties and advances. Would you expect them? FYI, if the answer is yes, how much would you want?

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